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Pre-Announcement of the forthcoming ERA-IB 2nd joint Call for Proposals

"Industrial biotechnology for Europe: an integrated approach"

The main purpose of the call is to generate joint European research and development activities in the field of Industrial Biotechnology. Joint projects must have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 participants from a minimum of 3 ERA-IB partner countries. Submissions of proposals will be in two steps: The deadline for submitting pre-proposals is 31 March 2010 and full proposals must be submitted by 30 June 2010. Projects are expected to start early in 2011.

Funding possibilities will be offered to excellent innovative industrially relevant R&D and applied research projects.
Applications should integrate several of the below given topics of Industrial Biotechnology into the proposal:
• Novel enzymes and microorganisms for new and more efficient bioprocesses
• Metabolic engineering for the improvement of industrial microorganisms
• Enzyme design combining rational and or evolutionary methods
• Development of multi-enzyme processes and modular enzymes
• Microbial stress under process conditions
• Development of new platform chemicals, including biomonomers
• Development of new and functionalised biopolymers
• Process analytical technologies for improved bioprocess understanding
• Scale-up of bioprocesses
• Innovative down-stream processing and biocatalyst recycling
• Biotechnological upgrading and valorisation of biorefinery byproducts
• Discovery tools to identify novel biocatalysts (whole cell or enzymes)
• Feedstock processing technologies
• System modelling for multi-feedstock or multi-product biorefineries
• Development of high value, non-platform chemicals
• Novel synthons that are region or chiral specific

Partnering Workshop

In order to support the formation of trans-national research consortia a Partnering Workshop will be organized to bring together interested persons from the countries involved and to facilitate the establishment of contacts. This will take place at the beginning of March 2008 (probably on the 5th of March in Frankfurt, Germany). Registration and further information will soon be available at the ERA-IB website ( Participation in the Workshop is recommended but not a prerequisite for submitting a project pre-proposal.